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  • How customers search
  • Do your own SEO
  • SEO process

How customers search

When looking for a product or service the first thing consumers do is go to their favourite search engine, type in a couple of keywords and click 'Search'.  

The art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is achieving the highest possible ranking position in the search results (SERPS) for keywords or phrases associated with a business's product or service (online and offline).

If you can get your business to the no.1 spot in organic search listings (organic means you have not paid the search engine to display your search result at the top or to the right of the page as an advert) statics show 43% of people will click on your website.  The 10th position will be clicked by only 3% of people.

It’s not surprising then that SEO is an integral part of every online business digital marketing plan and a SEO experts command good fees for optimising a website to reach the top of search results pages.

Do your own SEO

There are a number of widely accepted legitimate strategies to ensure people can find your website.  There are some nefarious practices as well, often dubbed as “black hat” SEO, which offer short cuts to achieve high SERPS.  Be warned though as search engines are increasingly able to spot these. We will of course focus on “white hat” practices that won’t get your website penalised or potentially delisted by search engines if your website is found to be using short cuts to achieve high SERPs.

SEO process can be broken down into three parts:

  • On page optimisation - making your website site visible to the search engine that rates your site for relevance and quality according to the keyword search
  • Link building - inbound links from other websites or social media pages back to your website), and
  • Social media strategy - using a variety of web properties to promote and direct people to your website

Getting these elements right will provide plenty of visitors to your site who are looking for exactly the kind of product or service your business has to offer.  These visitors are your target customers and they are the holy grail of search marketers who work to get the right web traffic to the right websites.

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