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Welcome! If you are one of the many people working for yourself but you are struggling to know where to start selling online then I can help. As a qualified Digital Marketer and PR professional, with 20 years experience I  understand the challenges of starting a business from home and taking it out into the community. Since having my son, Teddie, I started to offer face to face marketing surgeries nearer home in Bury St Edmunds.

I love watching my clients’ business grow and I’ve had great feedback as you can see below. It’s also given me the boost to now offer my surgeries online to you if you live further afield. I look forward to finding out about your business and helping you take control of your marketing strategy cost-effectively.

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advice online

Facetime, Skype, Goggle hangout

“After the success of Business Mapper’s in-person marketing surgeries I want now to offer you the chance to take the stress out of your marketing, no matter where you work, by join planning by meeting me online to 

The marketing surgeries are perfect for business’s who want to trade online but don’t know where to start. It’s common for businesses to spend a lot of money and fail to get customers online because they don’t understand the importance of planning their marketing efforts with a person who knows what works. Digital marketing is a fast moving environment and without expert help and guidance it’s very easy to feel over whelmed and get frustrated.

The marketing surgery allows Lindsey to assess your business and efforts online so far before advising a way forward. By taking small strategic steps you can begin to spend your marketing budget sensibly and understand how to get return on investment.

If you want more visitors to your website, and you want a website that converts visitors into customers, then a BM marketing surgery is for you! Book now. 

We prepare a full memorandum of understanding before the surgery so you know exactly what your going to get.

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advice in person

Bury st Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

“My Business Mapper team first held monthly marketing surgeries at the APEX in Bury St Edmunds in 2011. People travelled from as far as the East coast and Cambridge to get some much needed marketing advice. They were so successful that we realised we needed to offer surgeries from a recognised enterprise centre.

Many visitors were beginning in business but agency internet marketing advice was too expensive.

I then approached NWES to host its surgeries at new office space opening up in Bury St Edmunds and then looked for a local professional who, like me, had international marketing experience.

I’ve since been delighted  to meet and work with Kim Morrison of Morrison Social Media. Her background and experience perfectly compliments mine and together we offer customers double the expertise.

Our one hour surgeries are a stand alone service that help people start to plan there marketing strategy and budget but many people book regular sessions so they can keep on track and talk problems over as they come up.”

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  • A review of your current online and offline marketing

  • Specific and actionable advice to generate new sales

  • Constructive feedback on your website (or advice to develop one)

  • A review of your website's search authority and influence

  • Advice to build your social media profile and relationships

  • A report of your surgery follow-up actions sent via email

Time is precious when you work for yourself

Program in an hour a month to get expert marketing advice online 

without leaving your office


"I just wanted to share that I have recently been working with Lindsey Trainer and Kim Morrison and attended one of the one-to-one Business Marketing surgeries. It was SO useful that I wanted to pass on the links to you just in case you wanted to get some first class bespoke advice about moving your business forward through marketing and social media too. The girls are so friendly and really know what they are talking about…and it’s all about you - not them! Anyway, here are the links in case you are interested this is the one for Bury St Edmunds: and this is for the online surgeries"

”Sammy Teather”, ”Teather Creative Design”

"For some time now my businesses have really benefited from Lindsey’s online and offline marketing advice and support. I encourage anyone in business to seize the opportunity to book on a marketing surgery with her"

”Tracy Hendron”, ”Managing Director, Hendron Pearce ″

“We supply a broad range of Indian dishes, using local ingredients, across East Anglia. We are very grateful for Lindsey’s marketing surgery advice and support in helping us focus our attention on creating achievable goals,according to our resources, ambitions and even our business ethics. Lindsey also opened our eyes to other e-commerce options to grow the business online through our website, social media pages and online blog related campaigns.”

”Nadia Latif”, ”Managing Director, Our House of Spice”