International SEO Experts Brian Dean & Matthew Woodward Talk Small Business SEO

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For small business owners SEO is a mine field.  You know you need it, but what does it involve and can you afford it? For those with bigger budgets how do you go about choosing an SEO company that you can trust with your online business? Last week I published an article that highlighted the…

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The 6 Most Actionable SEO Blogs For Link Building And Traffic Generation

actionable seo

Finding a good SEO blog is like finding money – it gives you a warm feeling inside that makes you feel life’s pretty good! Whether you can put what you read into action however, decides if it’s a really useful SEO blog or a guest post to forget about. In other words, a post that isn’t…

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3 Things You Have To Nail To Get To The Top of Google

Get to the top of google

I just finished writing an eBook to give away when people sign up to Business Mapper.  This is an unashamed plug but also an opportunity to write a foreword to let you know what you’re going to get. There’s always going to be a more authoritative SEO book by an industry heavy weight but the…

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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn

ultimate guide to linkedIn

Now ten years old, LinkedIn was one of the first professional social media channels designed to build personal professional and business brand profiles. 10 million of the 30 million working age UK population are registered.  LinkedIn is dominatedby entrepreneur/ graduate £50k+ earners. 406,850 are  UK Directors and 533,641 UK business owners. Two million UK companies…

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9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Video Marketing

social video marketing

#1 Why is social video marketing online important for businesses? In an effort to keep up with online social trends, video marketing is rapidly growing as a leading method of customer communications for businesses online. *70% of B2B marketing strategies use online video, perhaps because YouTube averages four billion hits each day (and one billion…

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